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Blue Series






Haphazard Series

Still Life Series

Why do we find the doll-like effigies in Nagado’s paintings so affecting? Is it that they signify a permanent state of childhood whose innocence, for a whole tranche of reasons, cannot be defiled? Is it the feeling of regret that we have lost, irrevocably, that halcyon state of innocence in which we ourselves were once immersed? Is it that they represent the supernatural, advocates of a sacred, spiritual or magical world whose influences in our technocratic society become increasingly vestigial, much to our peril? Is it that their intrinsic beauty reminds of something that is now lost in our culture’s shunning of beauty as an ideal?
 Lya Nagado: Questioning Mortality by Roy Exley 
 Lya Nagado, A Discrete Breath by Ermengol Puig
Lya Nagado presents a series of intimate portraits that at first glance stand out for its atypically simple composition. The sense of ample space evokes that of  American Modernists, but does not prevent the innanimate subjects to be imprinted with  meaning, and ultimatly, with life. A discrete breath that can go almost unnoticed,  due to its serenity and stillness. This group of works tell us a story that is no other than life itself, a representation of the timeless bare humanity, where it sets the roots of a dialogue with the audience. 

The Others Series

Old Masters Series


 © 2020 by Lya Nagado.


I have experience in a range of media, although I have my own particular preferences that I keep coming back to. If my style speaks to you, I’d love to work with you in the future. Please be in touch to find out more and to discuss how we can collaborate on whatever you have in mind.

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