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From Sao Paulo, Brazil
Lives and works in London, UK




My artistic approach is through the way of craftsmanship, informed by my historical and contemporary research on materials and processes.

The themes and techniques I play with in several pieces at a time evolve into 'families' with their unique languages and symbolisms.

The most recent 'family', now in its fourth or fifth generation, is based on observing Nature's seasonality during my daily walks and wild swims.


Thus, light, clouds, bodies of water, aquatic birds, etc., are translated into the physicality of gestural rhythms and calligraphic marks.

I suggest depth with layering. The gaze goes beyond the surface, revealing the three-dimensionality of an inner world.

The DNA that runs through my 'families' relates to fluctuating identities, harmonious dissonances, cultural transformations, childhood, and magic.



#drawing #softfocus #slowgaze #colonialism #fantasticrealism #symbolism #surrealism

Lya Nagado is Brazilian with Japanese ancestry. After studying Law in Sao Paulo (USP), Typographic Design in Barcelona (UB) and Fine Arts (Flemish Painting at PSTA and Fine Arts MA at C&G) in London, Lya began her career influenced by Pop Culture as an urban artist and toy designer. With international solo and group shows, awards and the acquisition of her pieces by private and public collections under her belt, Lya is presenting her work in Brazil for the first time in January 2024 thanks to ZIV Gallery’s residency program at the European Design Institute (IED) in Higienopolis, Sao Paulo. The resulting works will inspire and act as a counterpart to Lya’s upcoming February residency at Pouch Cove, CA, sponsored by the James Baird Gallery, in a dialogue between two remarkably opposite environments.

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